Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Boston USA exhibition of One World - Many Papers Project

 This collaborative project by Jane Ingram Allen and 42 artists from 38 different countries is on exhibition at the Distillery Gallery, Boston, MA, from April 3 - May 15, 2009.  After the exhibition in Boston, it will next be displayed at the American Cultural Center in Taipei, June 6-26, 2009.  Other exhibitions of this work around the world are being arranged and will be posted here later!
Here is the flyer describing the exhibition at the Distillery Gallery in Boston:

“One World – Many Papers” Exhibition


Distillery Gallery

516 E. 2nd St., 1st Floor, Boston, Massachusetts, USA


April 3 – May 15, 2009


“One World – Many Papers” is a collaborative installation art project

by Jane Ingram Allen and 42 artists from around the world.


Claudia Aranovich – Argentina

Gail Stiffe – Australia  (Victoria)

Joanna Gair – Australia (Tasmania)

Jean-Pierre Husquinet – Belgium

Marcos Zacariades – Brazil

Daniela Todorova – Bulgaria

Serge Olivier Fokoua – Cameroon

Liliana Kleiner – Canada

Cristian Medina – Chile

Shu Xingchuan – China

Igor Lukic – Croatia

Jorge Luis Santana – Cuba

Jan Spanihel – Czech Republic

Anni Fiil – Denmark

Seppo Hallavainio – Finland

Jan Fairburn-Edwards – France

POLSKA – France (Paris)

Helene Tschacher – Germany

Ellie Schimelman and Aba House Kids

  – Ghana

Jaffa Laam Lam – Hong Kong

Ashish Ghosh – India

Izhar Neuman – Israel



Roberto Manino – Italy

Kyoko Ibe – Japan

Hyomyung Kang – Korea

Nane Wenhammar – Mexico

Prue Townsend – New Zealand

Loreto Apilado – Philippines

Luis Simoes and Rita Manuel –


Vesna Pantelic – Serbia

Sonya Rademeyer – South Africa

Pablo Fuentes – Spain

Beatrice Kitchenmann – Switzerland

Chaiping Lui – Taiwan

Jane Barnett and Students of Moshi

  International School – Tanzania

Chaiyanandha  Cha-umngam –


Varol Topac – Turkey

Paula MacGregor – UK (England)

Joanne Kaar – UK (Scotland)

Naomi Marshall – USA (Colorado)

Lori Goodman – USA (California)

Marcia Widenor – USA (NY)


Each artist designed and made a piece of handmade paper art representing his country and sent it to Jane who assembled all the papers to create the finished mixed-media installation artwork, a world map with no political borders.  “One World – Many Papers” is a part of TransCultural Exchange’s global project “Here, There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Future of Art” (www.transculturalexchange.org) featured at the conference on International Opportunities in the Arts, Boston, April 3-5, 2009. 


The Distillery Gallery is a not-for-profit gallery space located in the heart of The Distillery artist's building in South Boston, MA, open 9-5, Monday – Saturday. 


Pablo Fuentes Osorio said...

beautiful work!
I waiting for you, in Spain, the next year for the exhibition!(if it's possible...)



karen (me-shell) said...
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karen (me-shell) said...

Hello Jane! Sorry to be leaving this in your comment box but i couldn't find your email address. I just wanted to say thank you SO much for contributing to my book "Green Guide for Artists". Your work & your message are both beautiful & provoking! The book is *officially* out & I need to send your address to Rockport so you can get your contributor's copy. I hope you like it!