Thursday, 27 November 2008

Receiving Paper Art Pieces from Around the World

Artists are still sending their individual paper artworks to my studio in Taiwan.
Yesterday I heard from the artist from Bangkok, Thailand, that his paper will be arriving a little later since the Bangkok airport is now closed due to political troubles in his country. We are sorry to hear of the trouble there and hope that everything will be better in Thailand soon.
Other papers continue to arrive here daily.
These photos show some of the 42 collaborating artists in the "One World - Many Papers" project making their paper artworks in their country:

Pablo Fuentes - Spain
Hyom Kang - South Korea
Paula MacGregor - UK/Scotland
Joanne Kaar - UK/Scotland
Sonya Rademayer - South Africa

Paper Artworks from Around the World

These are some of the individual paper artworks that artists from all over the world are sending to my studio now for the project "One World - Many Papers." I will start to work soon putting all the works together into one large map of the world!

Here are some photos of individual pieces of paper:

Nane Wenhammar - Mexico
Gail Stiffe - Australia
Jane Barnett - Tasmania
Cristian Medina - Chile
Lori Goodman - USA

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

More Paper Coming in from around the World

This photo shows Izhar Neuman of Israel gathering reeds near his home in Israel to make the paper for his contribution to the "One World - Many Papers" project. Izhar runs a hand papermaking studio and mill in Israel and makes many interesting artworks and paper products. His website is

Jane will be receiving the handmade paper artworks from the participating artists at her studio in Taiwan and then put them all together to make a large map of the world with no political borders. Hopefully all the papers from around the world will arrive by November 30 in Taiwan.

Paper Art Received from Participating Artists

This photo shows Taiwanese artist Chiaping Lu with her handmade paper art created for the "One World - Many Papers Project.
Jane is receiving many of the pieces of paper created by artists from around the world now in her studio and will be working to put them all together for the finished installation artwork.

Participating Artists in "One World - Many Papers" Project

The collaborating artists who are participating in Jane’s project are as follows:

Claudia Aranovich – Argentina
Gail Stiffe – Australia (Melbourne)
Joanna Gair – Australia (Tasmania)
Jean-Pierre Husquinet – Belgium
Marcos Zacariades – Brazil
Daniela Todorova – Bulgaria
Liliana Kleiner - Canada
Serge Olivier Fokoua – Cameroon
Cristian Medina – Chile
Shu Xingchuan – China
Igor Lukic – Croatia
Jorge Luis Santana – Cuba
Jan Eduard Spanihel – Czech Republic
Anni Fiil – Denmark
Seppo Hallavainio – Finland
Jan Fairburn-Edwards – France (Southern)
POLSKA – France (Paris)
Helene Tschacher – Germany
Elle Schimelman – Ghana
Jaffa Laam Lam – Hong Kong
Ashish Ghosh – India
Izhar Neuman – Israel
Roberto Manino – Italy
Kyoko Ibe – Japan
Hyomyung Kang – Korea
Nane Wenhammar Dargent – Mexico
Prue Townsend – New Zealand
Loreto Apilado – Philippines
Luis Simoes and Rita Manuel – Portugal
Vesna and Kristina Pantelic – Serbia
Sonya Rademeyer – South Africa
Pablo Fuentes – Spain
Beatrice Kilchenmann – Switzerland
Chaiping Lu – Taiwan
Jane Barnett – Tanzania
Chaiyanandha Cha-umngam – Thailand
Varol Topac – Turkey
Paula MacGregor – UK (England)
Joanne Kaar – UK (Scotland)
Pablo Caraballo – Uruguay
Lori Goodman – USA (California)
Marcia Widenor – USA (New York)

One World - Many Papers Project

Jane Ingram Allen, an American artist now living in Taiwan, is collaborating with 42 artists from 39 different countries around the world to create a site-specific mixed media artwork composed of unique sheets of handmade paper art made by artists from different countries using local materials. Each collaborating artist will make a piece of paper (A4 or letter size) from a plant fiber in their own country and create a piece of handmade paper art to represent their country.

The individual handmade paper artworks will be sent to Jane, and she will use them to make an installation artwork, creating a map of the earth showing no borders and emphasizing that the planet is one whole made up of many different unique parts. Paper is a material that unites the world since it is used in every continent and has a long history throughout the world. The literal and symbolic joining together of these unique handmade paper artworks representing many different countries of the world will vividly show that the earth is one, made up of many joined together. The project not only emphasizes the unique contribution of each, but also the importance of working together.

The finished work will be approximately 8 feet x 5 feet, and it will be a two-sided suspended installation to hang in space and be visible from both sides. The work can be installed in a variety of ways to fit any space. Biographical information and documentation about each artist’s creative process is also included with the display of the artwork.

“One World – Many Papers” will first be installed in Boston, MA, April 3-May 15, 2009, in conjunction with the TransCultural Exchange Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts.( Exhibitions in other countries are being arranged. At the conclusion of the exhibitions in 2010 the artwork will be donated to a non-profit organization. The project will be documented in a catalog published by Trans-Cultural Exchange and on this Blog.